Library Catalog and the Evolving User Expectations
As the keystone that supports the mission of libraries, the library catalog has always been an important focus of discussion...
Transforming Information into Knowledge
The proliferation of information within organizations, generated through communication and transactions intellectual and externally has created information silos...
Battles of the public domain
CREATION – the act of bringing something into existence is universally recognised and valued by every civilisation throughout the history of Mankind.

Our products and services have been proven to meet the diverse demands and initiatives of our customers for gaining greater efficiencies in information management and knowledge management. more

Empowering Librarians to Organise and Administer their Work Place
The increasing role of technology in libraries has a significant impact on the changing roles of librarians. New technologies are dramatically increasing the accessibility of information, and librarians are continuously challenged to adapting to the evolving needs of users...
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Customized STEP strengthens and improves client Operational Efficiency via hands-on technology transfer
Paradigm’s “Skill & Technology Enrichment Programme”, a.k.a. “STEP”, is a collection of customized workshops and seminars that run throughout the year, specifically designed to enable our more

Providing Knowledge-Based Services for the Medical Industry

As the capture of knowledge becomes a mainstream activity in organizations, new roles are emerging in business units – the role of "knowledge managers", who proactively seek out and codify lessons and better practices from their part of the company... read more

Volume 4

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